GoPro Green

What is the Go Pro Green intership career path?

Go Pro Green is the Divemaster & IDC Program dedicated entirely to those divers that are committed to develop skills and knowledge about Marine conservation and Coral restoration efforts.

Roatan Dive Academy has teamed up with prestigious Resorts and Dive centers within a group of well-known companies on Roatan to provide the best all-around Training option in terms of Marine conservation on the Bay Islands. We pride ourselves on having the first and only Coral nurseries and Coral restoration projects on Roatan.

What would you learn?

Our program provides a thorough education in coral reef ecology as well as hands-on experience in coral restoration and coral identification. Subway Watersports and Mayan Divers both support and work closely with the Bay Islands Reef Restoration (BIRR) program that operates two coral nurseries and out-planting programs in Roatan.

GoPro Green Divemasters will be trained in the "Bay Islands Reef Restoration Distinctive Specialty Course" and certified as a PADI Coral Restoration Divers.

  • You will participate in all aspects of the coral restoration program and help guide Turquoise Bay and Mayan Princess resort guests as they learn to clean the nurseries and plant coral.
  • You will work closely with the BIRR coral nursery manager and join in maintaining our coral nurseries, out-planting corals onto the reefs, and monitoring and mapping out planted coral.

We also offer an additional PADI Distinctive specialty course if you want to further broaden your knowledge in the areas of nursery structure building and data collection and processing.

Bay Island Reef Restoration

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