Intern Operated Locations

We here at Subway Watersports want to ensure you are ready for your new future as a dive professional.  To that end, we created a new concept for the industry, which is unique to our dive operations.It is called IOL’s or Intern Operated Locations.

We have the advantage to have several dive operations within our chain of dive resorts, plus satellite shops. We are now able to provide the much-desired hands on experience for our interns.

thanks to our multiple locations, you will be trained to run different operations, and when ready you will be given the opportunity to be in charge of different areas of our operations.

Therefore, we are able to offer you a real life experience that will make all difference in your training and future development as a PADI professional.

Here is a summary of the skills you will be learning and the experience you will be gaining during your Divemaster Internship:

  • Customer service skills
  • Working with local staff and learning a new language
  • Compressor use
  • Boat managment
  • Responding to emergency procedures.
  • Business of Diving
  • Dive equipment repair and managment

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